Kru Jonas have been involved in teaching TTC’s since 1999. The picture above is from one of many years of Anusara Training [2012]. The upcoming Immersion A is probably his last TTC training…

Designed for committed yogis and yoga teachers who wants to deepen their understanding and refine their practice. The 50-hour Anusara Immersion A offers a comprehensive yoga curriculum and also serves as the first part of the Anusara Yoga Teacher Training.

The Immersion can be taken as an independent study module and is open to all interested yoga students. The Anusara method is educational, systematic, therapeutic and awareness expanding. When applied regularly it creates an optimally balanced body-mind, longevity and happiness 🙂

TTC Part 1: Anusara Immersion A
Yoga Education in Chiang Mai
February 22-28, 2021

  • The Anusara Immersion Program is the first 50-hour Module of the Anusara 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program.
  • Shantaya Yoga School is approved by Yoga Alliance and Anusara School of Hatha Yoga.
  • Suitable for anyone who wants to establish a strong foundation for their practice and teaching.
  • This is a non-residential Immersions that will take place in the city of Chiang Mai. Accommodation and food is separate.

Kru Jonas Westring

~ certified anusara teacher trainer, yoga educator, physiotherapist, program facilitator
Pornnapa “Kru Bomm” Tangkulpanich
~ licensed anusara-inspired teacher, assistant-teacher, translator

Our training will keep the following daily schedule:

08:30-09:30         Morning Sadhana: Pranayama, Meditation, Kriya
09:45-12:15         Practice: Theme, Asana, Alignment Technology
12:15-14:15         Lunch
14:15-15:30         Lecture: Anusara Principles, Anatomy, Philosophy
15:45-16:30         Movement Exploration of Anusara Principles
16:30-17:15         Core Integration, Inversions, Chanting

Yoga begins! Or Yoga Continues! Here we cover many fundamental yoga principles and students will enjoy a new level of awareness, inspiration and playfulness on their path of awakening new parts of themselves through yoga.

  • Foundation and Form of Fundamental Yoga Postures
  • Bio-mechanical Alignment Principles, Spirals & Loops
  • Yoga Anatomy relating to Fundamental Asana
  • The Five Element of Yoga & Ayurveda
  • Meditation through a Daily Seated Practice
  • Introduction to Yoga Philosophy
  • Foundational Yoga Breathing Techniques
  • Restorative Practices & Prop Exploration
  • Studentship and the Life of a Yogi
  • Yoga Sutra overview

Anusara Yoga® is a profound, therapeutic and elegant Hatha Yoga system that blends the ancient art of yoga with the science of biomechanics. Anusara features an effective framework for practice called the Universal Principles of Alignment™, a Tantric philosophy, and a celebration of the full potential of life as a whole. Welcoming students of all levels, it emphasizes alignment not only of the body, but offers guidance in how to bring yoga beyond the mat into life. Through Anusara’s life affirming approach, effective biomechanical alignment principles, and dedication to community – students enjoy a new level of inspiration and confidence in yoga.


originally Swedish with decades both in the USA and Asia, began his yoga journey in 1981 at the Scandinavian Yoga School and hasn’t stopped since. He is founder-director of Shantaya Yoga & Bodywork School that conducts 200-hour and 300-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Programs. Jonas is a yoga educator and yoga therapist, Certified Anusara Teacher Trainer (CATT), a licensed physiotherapist (PT), master therapeutic body-worker, E-RYT 500 – who brings to his teaching almost 40 years mind-body experience in a multitude of yoga styles, therapies and healing modalities. With an extensive background in traditions from both East and West, combined with a lifelong personal inquiry and quest for the Self, Jonas naturally transmits the essence of yoga with insight, clarity, and joy.


40 Years of Practice
Year 2021 is my 40th anniversary with yoga 🙂
I have participated in the global rise of yoga since it began its fame some 20+ years ago in the USA. When I met yoga in 1981 it was not a famous thing; not a job; no teacher trainings; no internet; no social media; no fashion; no yoga pants; no pictures; no mats: no studios; no online yoga class portals; no zoom; not sexy; not fitness; not a money-making industry… Yet many [like myself] have made it a lively-hood.

Yoga is a tool-box for Self-Discovery! This ‘old school yogi’ was lucky to practice for 15 years before I took my first teacher training and began sharing it.

“Yoga begins with Self-Observation ~ leading to Self-Awareness ~ which changes into Self-Discovery ~ which later on changes into Self-Realization.”

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