Kaomailanna Boutique Resort is a 3-star establishment that rests on 20 acres of natural land that hold 18 former tobacco curing barns, converted into 36 guest rooms. Outside you’ll see old red-brick walls, step inside and you have entered a new world of guestrooms decorated in Thai contemporary style. Yoga space, conference rooms, restaurant, swimming pool and Spa.

Yoga Immersions & Teacher Training: Feb 1-March 8, 2015

The resort food is vegetarian and based on local produce. We eat buffet style with a Thai flavor that include plenty of salad options, nice assorted fruits, brown rice, curries, and soups. If you have specific dietary preferences we may be able to accommodated those. Do tell us about any food allergies that you may have.

Fresh, delicious, nutritious Thai coconuts will be available for purchase.

A prepaid taxi from Chiang Mai airport to Kaomailanna Resort is 470 THB and from Chiang Mai city a taxi will cost around 500 THB.

For those already in Chiang Mai/or on a budget/adventurous there is local transportation in the form of Song-Taews=yellow pick-up trucks that function like buses. They only operate during daylight and leave outside Chiang Mai gate at the beginning of Wui Lai Road (Saturday night walking street). Make sure it’s bound for Chom Tong (city past the resort) and let the driver know to let you off exactly at Kaomailanna Resort, exactly at Kilometer Marker 29 (located right on the resort itself). The ride is 20 THB.

Bring your own yoga mat! We provide sitting cusions, blankets, belts and blocks.

The resort has a beautiful, spacious pool – bring a bathing suit.

Thailand is always warm, regardless of time of year – and during our retreat time it’s unlikely that we experience the monsoon season, however global weather patterns have shown some unpredictable rhythms.

WiFi is complimentary and available at the resort.