I teach mostly to groups but I’m also available for personal sessions whenever possible. A large toolbox of techniques and approaches are used to best address any particular situation for private/semi-private Yoga sessions and one-to-one Bodywork sessions. For consistency and best results, all treatment sessions have their basis in optimal alignment of both the inner and outer body with the aim of balancing the whole person. When the body-mind discovers new pathways of movement, life-energy is released and moves in unobstructed ways — a lasting imprint has been established.

All types of people can benefit. That includes everyone, from those who are brand new to yoga to the advanced practitioner. All ages, all levels of experience, healthy, injured, rehabilitating, etc — all benefit from personal assessment and therapeutic treatment.

Yoga sessions last a minimum of 1 hour and can be longer according to your needs. Bodywork sessions are a minimum of 1.5 hours and longer ones are available. To make services more accessible, there is a sliding scale and prices may also vary depending on region of the world. Connect with me for details!

I’m also available for one-to-one online sessions via Skype. Using this kind of technology enables us to connect regardless of where we are, but unfortunately hands-on touch over the internet is not (yet) available.