Thai Yoga Experiential
Thai Yoga Basics
Thai Yoga Essentials

Thai Yoga I: Foundation 35 CEU
Thai Yoga II: Completion 35 CEU
+ 20 documented practice session

Thai Yoga I: Foundation 35 CEU
Thai Yoga II: Completion 35 CEU
Thai Yoga III: Intermediate 45 CEU
Thai Yoga IV: Advanced 45 CEU
+ 1-year homestudy with documented practice of Thai Yoga, Asana, Meditation, Pranayama

The Thai Yoga Certification Manual with detailed description and photos of the entire sequence of Thai Yoga techniques is available at all Thai Yoga Foundation Courses (Level I). When participating in Thai Yoga Levels II, III and IV, students receive the training material for each particular level. For the 6-hour intro and 14-hour CEU workshops an illustrated handout is complementary.

Approaching the Thai tradition from a perspectives of both the East and a West, the Thai Yoga methodology is precise, clear, and bio-mechanically safe. Students systematically develop and refine their hands-on techniques and sensing abilities in order to create optimal and lasting results. The practitioner turns the session into her own body-mind practice, receiving personal benefit while providing a powerful healing treatment.

Jonas Westring’s background for therapeutic bodywork is exceptional. Combining past clinical work in physiotherapy with decades of experience in yoga and the healing arts, his approach has been appreciated by thousands of students over the years. With the Thai Yoga method he has pioneered the evolution of the Thai healing tradition in the USA and Japan.

As a way to solidify and deepen their Thai Yoga practice, senior Thai Yoga students support our training programs as TA’s (teachers’ assistants).