Thai Yoga Certification Program
We offer elemental and advanced training in Thai Yoga Bodywork through the Certification Program. In 1998 Jonas Westring began teaching the Thai Yoga Training Program at established program venues in the USA such as Kripalu Center and Omega Institute. He has continued to teach and develop this program ever since, particularly in the USA and in Japan. All courses offered are approved by the National Certificaion Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB).

Approaching therapeutic bodywork from perspectives of both the East and West, the Thai Yoga methodology emphasizes energy aspects as well as bio-mechanical safety. In the tradition of Thai massage schools in Thailand, a large body of techniques are imparted in a relatively short period of time. No more material than can be assimilated is given and students systematically develop and refine their hands-on techniques and sensing abilities in order to create optimal and lasting results. One unique feature of the Thai Yoga method is that the practitioner turns the session into her own body-mind practice, receiving personal benefit while providing a powerful healing treatment.

Certification Manual
The Thai Yoga Certification Manual with detailed description and photos of the entire sequence of Thai Yoga techniques is available at all Thai Yoga Foundation Courses (Level I). When participating in Thai Yoga Levels II, III and IV, students receive the training material for each particular level. For shorter introductory workshops there is an illustrated handout.

Level I: Thai Yoga Foundation Course
CEU: 35 contact hours | Prerequisite: None
This first level of Thai Yoga is the basic foundation for Thai Yoga Certification and covers a full 1.5-hour sequence in the supine, prone and seated treatment positions. Here we study the primary principles of the Thai Yoga Method, learn about the tradition from which it has arisen, and set a strong foundation for a professional practice. The complete sequence is clearly depicted by text and photographs in the Thai Yoga Certification Manual available at the seminar.

Level II: Thai Yoga Basic Completion
CEU: 35 contact hours | Prerequisite: Thai Yoga I
The second level of Thai Yoga introduces an entire new sequence that, together with the Level 1 material, forms a complete Thai Yoga routine in the northern style of Thai massage. The Level 2 material includes a full sequence in the side position, inversions, arms, hands, and abdominal core techniques. The full (Level I & II) sequence includes well over 100 positions and takes approximately 2.5 hours to deliver. After Thai Yoga Level I & II + completion of 20 required documented practice sessions, students will have the Thai Yoga Basic Certificate.

Level III: Thai Yoga Advanced Course
CEU: 45 contact hours | Prerequisite: A solid foundation in the Thai tradition
The third level of Thai Yoga leads to Advanced Thai Yoga Certification. It covers intermediate level techniques and addresses the traditional Thai massage energy pathways. Concepts from physiotherapy, osteopathy and other hands-on modalities are addressed. This course introduces a whole new sequence of more than fifty intermediate level Thai Yoga techniques to add to the repertoire. Here we also review and refine aspects of techniques from Thai Yoga Level I & II.

Level IV: Thai Yoga Advanced Course
CEU: 45 contact hours | Prerequisite: A solid foundation in the Thai tradition
The fourth level of Thai Yoga addresses more variations and advanced Thai Yoga techniques. We study Thai pressure points, inversion therapy (flying Thai Yoga), face, head & scalp massage, Ayurvedic marma points, the five lines of the arms, the traditional energy pathways, and more.  This course also covers principles of ethics in professional one-on-one situations and emphasizes the relationship between ones own personal and professional healing practices. After this course, the students have completed the required contact hours of the Thai Yoga Advanced Curriculum.

Completion of the full curriculum will make the student a Certified Advanced Practitioner of the Thai Yoga Method.