with Jonas Westring

An educational and therapeutic Yoga Biomechanics Lab – investigating multiple facets of yoga while emphasizing that true yogic knowledge ‘Jñana’  is only derived from direct experience ‘Tantra’.

Three main labels provide the guiding principles for these workshops.

  • Asana Alignment – one of the most important aspects of our modern yoga with such major focus on the postures. Repeating body-movements numerous times create deep grooves in our nervous and musculoskeletal systems – and alignment practices create optimal, balanced, lasting results.
  • Yoga Therapeutics uses many facets of yogic sciences including movement and postures, yoga anatomy and biomechanics, touch and hands-on techniques, breath and energy balancing, mindfulness and meditation – designed to promote and restore optimal vibrancy and balance of the body-mind complex.
  •  Thai Yoga Therapy uses a matrix of effective and therapeutic hands-on techniques originating from the Thai massage tradition. While already much like applied yoga therapy – with added perspective from sound biomechanics and yogic principles Thai Yoga has become the perfect body therapy for yogis.

Schedule & Description

Session I: Unwind and Renew: Forward Bends, Twists & Hip Openers

4 September (Fri): 7:00pm-9:00pm
A Friday evening dedicated to soothing the nervous system, easing the body and calming the mind. An exotic blend of forward bends, spinal rotations and hip-openings releases the energy downwards to the earth – activating the para-sympathetic nervous system that deeply restores the body-mind.

Session II: Yoga Biomechanics: Alignment

5 September (Sat): 10:00am-12:00pm
This full-spectrum asana session emphasises effective alignment principles that can be applied in all poses. We’ll stay on our feet, turn upside down, balance and challenge, and playfully explore complementary opposites. Effective posture alignment will be illuminated and utilised throughout this informative practice.

Session III: Thai Yoga Therapy

5 September (Sat): 2:00pm-4:00pm
An introduction to full-body therapeutic hands-on work through a partner-exchange. Covering fundamental principles of Thai Yoga and how to work one-on-one – addressing both the giver and receiver. No background required. Come by yourself or bring a friend: Fun is guaranteed!

Session IV: Awaken the Spine: Progressive Backbends

6 September (Sun): 10:00am – 12:00pm
A full-spectrum asana practice filled with a potpourri of backbend preparations and yogasana that open you where you need it the most. A step-by-step systematic preparation of essential areas of the body combined with core/spinal stability leads to freedom in the upper back and shoulders.

Session V: Thai Yoga Therapy

6 September (Sun): 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Continuing from the previous day’s Thai Yoga workshop with a new selection from a large body of techniques that open and align the body in ways that could not be accomplished in our own yoga practice. No background required. Come by yourself or bring a friend: Fun is guaranteed!